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250mL MOJO Kombucha Soda Tropical Twirl (24)

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* 24 x 250ml MOJO Kombucha Soda Tropical Twirl 6×4

Super sippable gut health support! Tropical Twirl is a low sugar and organic Kombucha Soda with prebiotic fibre.

MOJO Kombucha Soda is a naturally low sugar, authentically brewed kombucha with real fruit juice and prebiotic fibre for gut health support.

• Prebiotic fibre for gut health support
• Naturally low sugar, no unpronounceable sweeteners!
• Certified organic. Made with real fruit juice.

Made in Australia

Ingredients: Organic Kombucha (Water, Kombucha culture, Organic Sugar, Organic Tea), Tropical Fruit Puree (Mango, Passionfruit) (2.6%), Prebiotic fibre (1.6%), Lime Juice (less than 1%), Natural Flavour

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