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Alternative Dairy Co. offers YOU high-quality, non-dairy milk products. Their products are made from various plant-based ingredients, including oats, almonds, soybeans, and coconut milk. Browse for all Alternative Dairy Co. products below, and contact the Kelly’s Distributor team for any questions or issues.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you sell The Alternative Dairy Co range to the general public?
Absolutely! Kelly’s Distributors proudly offers The Alternative Dairy Co range to everyone. While we specialise in supplying businesses and retail outlets, we’re delighted to deliver directly to your doorstep. Whether you’re crafting the perfect latte art or enjoying a specially crafted oat milk smoothie, Kelly’s has got your needs covered!
What is the closest plant-based milk to cow’s milk?
The milk options from Alternative Dairy Co offer a unique plant-based twist on traditional flavours, delivering a distinctively delightful taste experience that sets them apart from cows’ milk.  Based on recent conversations with customers, either Almond or Oat milk would be the closest alternative to cow’s milk based on taste. However, these milk products react differently when used for hot coffee, latte foaming or other applications. Ultimately, it comes down to an individual’s preference on which milk they’d prefer.
What is the most popular dairy alternative?
The most popular dairy alternative is Alternative Dairy Co.’s almond milk. It has a smooth and creamy texture that makes it perfect for use in cereal, coffee, and baking recipes. Additionally, its naturally sweet taste from cane sugar makes it an ideal alternative to cows’ milk for those looking to cut down on their dairy consumption.

Alternative Dairy Co’s Almond Milk, is a gluten and GMO-free option perfect for those with dietary sensitivities. For expert baristas, we highly recommend their Soy Milk, a favourite in cafes for its rich flavour and consistency, making it great for frothing or drinking iced cold.
What is the healthiest dairy-free alternative?
Soy Milk: A stellar choice for muscle building and bone health, it’s packed with protein and calcium. Ideal for those after a nutritional boost!

Oat Milk: A fantastic source of dietary fibre, it’s perfect for providing sustained energy and aiding digestion. Great for a busy day!

Almond Milk: Light on calories and rich in essential minerals, it’s a smart pick for a balanced diet.

Coconut Milk: The go-to for those counting calories or carbs, but remember, it’s a bit higher in saturated fats.
What are the 4 alternative dairy milk options?
Discover four exceptional dairy-free milk alternatives at Kelly’s Distributors, each with its own unique qualities. The range includes:

Oat Milk: Perfect for coffee, providing a creamy texture and assisting in creating perfect latte art.

Coconut Milk: Ideal for adding a tropical twist to smoothies, it’s light and versatile.

Almond Milk: A low-calorie option, great for complementing both sweet and savoury dishes.

Soy Milk: Rich in protein and calcium, it’s a nutritional choice for a range of uses.

Each option is lactose-free, supporting local farmers, and offers unparalleled taste in every carton!
How can The Alternative Dairy Co range benefit my café, restaurant, or store when purchased wholesale?
By choosing The Alternative Dairy Co range from Kelly’s Distributors, your café, restaurant, or store is not just embracing dairy-free alternatives; you’re opting for a product line that’s specifically crafted to complement coffee and espresso beverages.

Our range, including oat milk and almond milk, is perfect for creating smooth, perfect latte art and enhancing the flavour of smoothies and other cafe offerings. Plus, our competitive wholesale prices mean better profit margins without compromising on quality for your business!
How do I set up a wholesale account with Kelly’s Distributors for purchasing The Alternative Dairy Co range?
Creating a wholesale account to purchase The Alternative Dairy Co range is a breeze! Pop over to our website, fill out the online registration form, and you’re set. If you’ve got queries, our friendly sales team is here to help and make your ordering process as smooth as possible.
Can I mix and match flavours when purchasing wholesale?
With Kelly’s Distributors, you have the flexibility to mix and match cartons(not individual units) from The Alternative Dairy Co range in your wholesale order. Whether it’s the creamy texture of oat milk or the rich taste of almond milk; this versatility means your cafe or store can offer a range that perfectly complements baristas’ skills and customers’ tastes, keeping offerings fresh and exciting.