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Alternative Dairy Co. offers YOU high-quality, non-dairy milk products. Their products are made from various plant-based ingredients, including oats, almonds, soybeans, and coconut milk. Browse for all Alternative Dairy Co. products below, and contact the Kelly’s Distributor team for any questions or issues.
Frequently Asked Questions about Alternative Dairy Co. 
What is the closest plant-based milk to cow’s milk?
Alternative Dairy Co’s milk are all plant-based, so there won’t be a perfect match to the taste, feel and creaminess of cows’ milk. Based on recent conversations with customers, either Almond or Oat milk would be the closest alternative to cow’s milk based on taste. However, these milk products react differently when used for hot coffee, latte foaming or other applications. Ultimately, it comes down to an individual’s preference on which milk they’d prefer.
What is the most popular dairy alternative?
The most popular dairy alternative is Alternative Dairy Co.’s almond milk. It has a smooth and creamy texture that makes it perfect for use in cereal, coffee, and baking recipes. Additionally, its naturally sweet taste from cane sugar makes it an ideal alternative to cows’ milk for those looking to cut down on their dairy consumption. Furthermore, Almond Milk is free from gluten and GMOs, making it an excellent choice for those with dietary restrictions or sensitivities. Another popular alternative is soy milk; the team at Alternative Dairy Co. has over three decades of soy milk experience, leading to one of the best products for cafes and expert baristas.