Fuelling and energising athletes to ensure peak performance, Kelly’s Distributors is proud to offer quality wholesale beverages and snacks to fitness centres and gyms across Australia. Our expansive product range ensures there is something to suit your fitness venue, regardless of business size, budget, or requirements.

A popular product with gyms, fitness centres, swimming centres, gymnasiums, and other fitness venues is our quality range of sports drinks. Suitable as a pre-workout drink or post-exercise recovery beverage, sports drinks provide the electrolytes needed to ensure patrons can recuperate when exercising. Our collection features internationally recognised brands including Gatorade and Powerade, which are favourites across all fitness venues we supply.

Alternatively, choose a protein-packed pre-workout beverage to elevate your fitness centre’s offering from our selection of delicious and nutritious protein drinks. They are the perfect option for customers to grab on the way into the fitness venue to take their workouts to the next level.

For health-conscious consumers, Kelly’s Distributors also offers a range of fruit juices and healthy drinks, ranging from classic Kombucha to popular juices such as orange juice, apple juice, pineapple juice, and more. There is always a juice or beverage to suit your customer’s tastes. Fruit juices are also a suitable option for children’s fitness centres or swim centres for the little ones to enjoy. Our juices and healthy drinks are available in convenient packaging, from glass bottles to juice poppers and cans, making them easy to consume in any venue or fitness centre.

Keep your patrons hydrated and healthy with our selection of water, enhanced waters, coconut waters, and alkaline waters. We stock beloved brands that your customers know and love, including San Pellegrino, Pump, Mount Franklin, Cococoast, Raw C, and more.

For fitness centres, sports centres or gyms with onsite cafes, we also supply a selection of café products, including alternative plant-based milks, flavoured milks, individual sugar and sweetener packets, as well as coffee syrups. Elevate your café offering for patrons to enjoy at your venue today.

Still looking for more of a beverage selection? Our range doesn’t stop here! Discover the rest of our expansive product range of gym supplies and fitness centres supplies online now. Or explore our trending monthly specials!

Whether you’re looking for something refreshing, an energy boost, something for the kids, or just something tasty and new, you’ll be sure to find it at Kelly’s. Our products range from home-grown Australian brands to popular international products.

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Check out our Gym & fitness Centers Products across a selection of our products, plus our latest products and offerings at Kelly's Distributors. Whether you are looking for something refreshing, an energy boost, something for the kids or just something tasty and new, you’ll be sure to find that at Kelly’s! Providing you with the best quality products and service at competitive prices – order online today.


Choose from our vast selection of waters to stock your fitness venue. From sparkling to enhanced water and coconut water.

sports Drinks

Ensure your gym or fitness centre patrons and staff are well hydrated throughout the day with our selection of premium sports drinks.


Choose from our selection of juices to fill up your fridge with delicious, chilled drinks, keeping your customers feeling refreshed and hydrated.


Centrally located in South Brisbane, Kelly’s Distributors services gyms and fitness centres across Brisbane along with the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions. On top of this we also offer national delivery across Australia for both businesses and the general public.

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“With decades of experience in the wholesale industry under our belt, Kelly’s Distributors has established itself as a quality supplier of beverages and snacks across Australia. As a result, we have formed long-term relationships with the largest manufacturers to supply our clients with the best international and Australian brands.

Our extensive experience also means that we understand the ins and outs of running a fitness venue. That is why we offer local next-business-day delivery to businesses on all orders placed before 1 pm. This way, you do not need to worry about delayed supplies limiting your business operation and sales. You can order online through our mobile app or your dedicated Kelly’s sales representative with the confidence that your supplies will be ready and available when you need them most.

At Kelly’s Distributors, we make it our aim to provide every gym and fitness centre, regardless of business size, with the best quality wholesale supplies. We proudly offer flexible ordering sizes and value to enable gyms and fitness centres to order only what they need without being left with an oversupply of stock.

Buy online or contact us today to learn more about our product range and how we can promptly supply your gym or fitness centre!”
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