Kelly’s Distributors plays a key part in the supply chain of many local Australian restaurants and takeaway stores. Our extensive product selection from beloved Australian and international brands differentiates our wholesale offering to ensure we can provide our clients with the best wholesale service possible.

Key products we supply to restaurants and takeaway shops include our variety of carbonated drinks. A staple within the drink cabinet of all hospitality venues, soft drinks are a go-to option to keep well stocked within all restaurants, from high-end bars to small takeaway stores. Our range includes Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, Jarritos, Coca-Cola, Schweppes, Wimmers and more. Your customers will love the taste of our refreshing lemonades, colas, ginger beers, root beers, creaming sodas, and lemon-lime bitters. 

We also supply a range of juices, from classic orange juices to green smoothies, kids natural fruit juices and more.

Perfect for incorporating into cocktails for bars or restaurants as well as a great option for health-conscious customers.

Our range of iced teas are also a popular choice for restaurants and takeaway shops looking to diversify their drinks selection. With brands customers know and love such as Lipton and Arizona Iced Tea, people will be reaching for your delicious iced tea all-year round.

Zero-alcohol drinks such as non-alcoholic beer is another beverage option Kelly’s Distributors regularly supplies restaurants with.

Looking to expand your restaurant or takeaway store’s product offering even further? Explore all the products we supply today! We are always adding to the amazing range of wholesale beverages we supply as we find new products growing in popularity. Explore our monthly specials to discover great value beverage options for your venue.

Whether you are looking for something refreshing, an energy boost, something for the kids or just something tasty and new, you’ll be sure to find that at Kelly’s, with products ranging from home-grown Australian brands to popular International products. 


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Check out our Restaurants & Takeaway Products across a selection of our products, plus our latest products and offerings at Kelly's Distributors. Whether you are looking for something refreshing, an energy boost, something for the kids or just something tasty and new, you’ll be sure to find that at Kelly’s! Providing you with the best quality products and service at competitive prices – order online today.


Stock up on your customer’s favourite beverages with our wide variety of carbonated soft drinks. Including Coke, Sprite, Fanta & more. 


Choose from our selection of juices to fill up your fridge with delicious, chilled drinks, keeping your customers feeling refreshed and hydrated.

iced tea

Stock up on your customer’s favourite beverages from our range of iced teas. Including Lipton Ice Tea, AriZona Ice Tea and PS Organic Iced Tea. 


Centrally located in the south of Brisbane, Kelly’s Distributors is perfectly positioned to service restaurants across all of Brisbane’s Metro area, along with the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions. If you are unsure whether we can supply your restaurant or takeaway store, contact our team today for more information. 


At Kelly’s Distributors we have been providing our wholesale services to local Australian restaurants and takeaway shops for over 20 years. With this extensive experience, we have forged relationships with the largest manufacturers to supply the best in international beverage brands, as well as beloved Australian classics. 

This also means we understand what the demands of running a restaurant or takeaway store entails. We offer local next-day shipping services with all orders placed before 1pm, so you will never have to wait on delayed supplies impacting your bottom line. Easily order online, through our mobile app, or your dedicated Kelly’s sales representative to ensure your order is there on time and when you need it most.

Importantly, we are flexible on order size and value. So, you can order only what you need for your restaurant or store, rather than being left with excess stock sitting in your storeroom. 

Buy online or contact us today to learn more about our product range and how we can supply your restaurant or takeaway store!

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