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Aloe Vera Drink

Enjoy Viloe Aloe, made from Premium Aloe Vera Juice, with 15% Aloe Pulp. Healthy, Refreshing and filled with B Vitamins, Antioxidants and Calcium. Keeping you Hydrated and Healthy.


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Elizabeth Tissot

Kelly's has supplied me and my small business for a while now, and so far we have not come across any problems, they have a very fast delivery process that is catered to my availability. Their prices are fair and their monthly deals make that even better for me and gives my business an opportunity to make a bigger income. I highly recommend Kelly's Distributors.

Cassie T. Smith

Always Delivers on time, great prices, great customer care, miscommunications here and there but they always resolve it in the best way.

Ann R. Murdoch

We've worked with Kelly's for many years, they are a great supplier, they sometimes allow us to hand pick our own products. We have helped each other in many ways to grow both our businesses. Great and helpful staff, both in their office and warehouse.