What's New

Our product range at Kelly’s Distributors is evergrowing and expanding to include new products by local and international brands you know and love! We are committed to offering the best selection of premium fruit juices, beverages and products.

Available for next business day delivery for local business orders placed before 1:30pm.

oatly group

Oatly is a great go-to product for just about everything, and provides the kind of oatsome deliciousness that would make other drinks exceptionally jealous. When should you use it? Whenever you’d use old school milk from cows!

New Monster Ultra Gold

With zero sugar, easy-drinking Ultra Gold has the heavenly fresh flavour of biting into a perfectly ripened golden pineapple. It will help you stay focused and alert and ready for whatever life throws at you. Go for the Gold!

New Remedy Pink Lady Apple and Cherry Plum

New Remedy Komchua Pink Lady Apple is crisp, clean and fresh with a fruity effervescence, this is the ideal thirst quencher! Cherry Plum with red cherries + kakadu plum. A tastebud tango. Ripe for the drinking. Coming Soon!

Red Bull 6 packs

250ml Red Bull Original & Sugar Free now available in 6 packs! Red Bull Energy Drink is a carbonated taurine drink. Serve ice cold. Vitalizes Body and Mind. Appreciated worldwide by top athletes, students, busy professionals and travellers on long journeys.

Bang Energy Bangster Berry

If you’re looking for something to fuel your next workout or hike, if you want sustained energy, as well as peak mental and physical performance, Bang® is the energy drink for you! It is sugar-free and has ZERO calories, yet tastes great. Get more Bang® for your buck by ordering Bang!

New Mother Energy Kiwi Sublime

Mother Energy Drink Kiwi Sublime with high caffeine content. A sublime blend of kiwi fruit and zesty lime with a refreshing energy hit. Formulated caffeinated beverage. Flavour profile: Kiwi & Lime. Stay tuned! Coming Soon to Kelly’s!