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Alkaline Water
Alkaline Water is a refreshing and hydrating choice, perfectly balanced for those seeking wellness and vitality. At Kelly’s, we proudly stock Australia’s most popular range of bottled water options, each designed to bring the numerous benefits of alkaline hydration directly to you with H20+. Supporting your wellness journey with every sip, our drinks are infused with essential electrolytes like magnesium, alongside a host of health benefits that make your body feel revitalised.

Our collection of Alkaline Water Drinks, featuring H20+, are rich in natural minerals, antioxidants, and electrolytes. This special blend not only provides essential hydration but also replenishes your body’s natural reserves, making it ideal for fitness enthusiasts, wellness seekers, or anyone who values the importance of staying hydrated. By choosing our drinks, you’re embracing a product that nurtures your body while promoting overall well-being.

Incorporating natural alkaline water into your daily routine is an easy step toward maintaining a higher pH level, essential for combating acidity and ensuring your body functions optimally. Feel the difference with every bottle; they are not just a source of hydration but also a step towards a healthier lifestyle, contributing to your health in every sip.

Whether you’re at the gym, in the office, or enjoying the outdoors, Alkaline Water is the perfect companion, offering a superior alternative to regular drinking water. Order your Alkaline Water today from our online store. With our easy checkout and the option to subscribe for regular deliveries through wholesale, finding the right product for your needs has never been simpler. Add H2O+ to your cart today and enjoy the convenience with Kelly’s Distributors.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is water with alkaline better for you?
Alkaline water, enriched with natural minerals, may improve hydration and balance the body’s pH. Kelly’s Distributors offers top-quality alkaline water, ensuring you enjoy the health benefits and enhanced oxygen levels for overall well-being. Perfect for those keen on maintaining an alkaline diet.
What are the benefits of alkaline water?
Alkaline water has been known to boast health benefits like acid reduction and increased hydration. Our selection at Kelly’s Distributors, rich in essential minerals, supports your health regime, making it easy for store owners or fitness fiends alike to stock up and stay hydrated.
What is the best alkaline water in Australia?
Kelly’s Distributors proudly stocks some of the best alkaline water in Australia, known for its balanced alkalinity and mineral content. We currently stock the H20+ range from NU water, produced right here in Australia.
How can alkaline water benefit my café, restaurant, or store when purchased wholesale?
By offering alkaline water in your establishment, you can attract a wider range of customers looking for refreshing drinking water, with a higher Ph level, packed with electrolytes and minerals. Purchasing wholesale from Kelly’s Distributors ensures that you save money with the best possible prices, enabling you to maximise your profit margins while providing a popular and high-quality product.
Are there any minimum order requirements for purchasing alkaline water wholesale?
At Kelly’s Distributors, we accommodate businesses of all sizes. Our alkaline drinking water range can be shipped in quantities of 6 and 12 bottles per carton and there are no minimum order requirements, just select the number of cartons you’d like and head to checkout. If you’re looking for a great deal, check out our monthly specials page for deals on regular drinking water and products. If you’re concerned about the quantity you’d like to order for wholesale, feel free to contact our sales team. We will work closely with you to ensure a wholesale solution that suits your business needs.
Do you sell alkaline water to the general public?
Yes, we do sell alkaline water to the general public. While supplying businesses and retail outlets is our expertise, we are more than happy to deliver direct-to-door for the general public. For bulk Alkaline water purchases at wholesale prices, Kelly’s has what you’re looking for!