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The new year is the perfect time for a new start, and what better way to start your year fresh than by promoting non-alcoholic beverages at your establishment?  Many of us are looking to make resolutions to improve our health, this often includes making better choices when it comes to what we drink. If you own a business that sells drinks, now is the time to start promoting healthier alternatives to your customers! In this blog post, we will provide tips on how to do just that.

When it comes to promoting non-alcoholic beverage sales, there are a few things you can do to make sure your business is successful. The first step is ensuring you have a decent variety of options that are just as pleasant, tantalising and better to drink than drinks containing alcohol. Kelly’s team has put together some great marketing ideas and products we think would make a great addition to your menu in 2023. 


    • Creating a special non-alcoholic beverage menu with creative and trendy drinks.  

    • Kelly’s Non-Alcoholic Drink Recommendations

    • Promote your Non-Alcoholic Additions across social media and digital marketing channels. 

    • Offering in-person promotions for purchasing non-alcoholic drinks.

    • Advertise both in-store and online a combo or meal deal with your  


Menu containing non-alcoholic drinksTreat all non-alcoholic drinkers to a great range of drinks with a thoughtful and creative non-alcoholic beverage menu! Ensure you have all the well-known non-alcoholic spirits and zero-alcohol brands, like alcohol-free beers or seltzer. Sparkling Juices and Ginger beers are always popular, while mocktails made with fresh ingredients like Sparkling Coconut water and Coconut Cream to make original non-alcoholic versions of much-loved classic cocktails from piña coladas to spicy mojitos. For an extra special range of non-alcoholic drinks, add fresh juices, cordials, iced teas or even fresh roasted coffee – the possibilities are endless! Make sure that your non-alcoholic menu is up to date with the best non-alcoholic drinks available to keep everyone refreshed.
If you’d like to keep it simple and enhance the options available to patrons in your limited fridge space or don’t have the space to prepare bar-style drinks, we’ve found that the best non-alcoholic drinks are the classics. Having a great range of non-alcoholic fan favourites; Sparkling Water, Foreign Sodas, fizzy Kombucha and Ginger beer. There is an incredible plethora of other non-alcoholic drinks out there for creating an exciting beverage menu for your visitors to enjoy.


Soft Drinks and Soda

Coke bottle

When it comes to soft drinks, everyone knows the favourites like Coke, Kirks Pasito and Solo, but what about shaking things up on the menu and giving customers a unique reason not only to choose a non-alcoholic drink but liven things up with exciting drink ranges like Alive No Sugar Soft Drink and Soda Boss!





Sparkling Water and Artisan Waters

A classic staple for any mature non-alcoholic menu, is a luxurious and refreshing alternative to tap water. That’s where adding iconic sparkling water brands like San Pellegrino, Icelandic Glacial Water, and Fiji Artesian Water can make a big difference in levelling up your menu.





Sparkling Juices and Sparkling Coconut Water

When it comes to sparkling drinks that have a more natural base of ingredients, we are definitely spoiled for choice! People absolutely love the Bundaberg sparkling drink range for its delicious hand-crafted drinks, including fruits like blood orange and grapefruit! They have a great range of specialty flavours included, like Sarsaparilla, Apple Cider and Creaming Soda. Not what you’re looking for, we also stock a tantalizing selection of Sparkling Coconut Water for those who are more health conscious!




Everyone’s Favourite Non-Alcoholic Beers: Ginger Beer

Although beer is a staple when it comes to drinks in Australia, so is its younger cousin, ginger beer! Here in Queensland, we are incredibly fortunate to be the home of the extremely popular bottle Bundaberg Ginger Beer. Not only does it have that nostalgic taste we all know so well, like drinks from their other range, but it also leaves you with a refreshing aroma of licorice and sugar cane that Bundaberg drinks use to give their great range of iconic flavour. Aside from this, we also stock a variety of different Ginger Beer brews from Cascade and PS Organic.





If you’re a business owner, now is the perfect time to promote your exciting new brands of soft drinks and sparkling fruit juices. Not only do these drinks contain zero alcohol but are perfect for pre-mixed drinks with or without! Although Australia is known for enjoying their favourite beer or wine when out drinking with friends.

Now that you’ve spruced up that summer menu with non-alcoholic versions of your patron’s favourite, it’s time to get them interested in choosing a zero-alcohol option over their favourite spirit, beer. There are so many options for great body and taste, from sweet flavourful juices to crisp-flavoured ginger beers. Getting those non-alcoholic beverages out into people’s minds and Instagram feeds early in the summer to encourage drinking but without the worries of alcohol — appealing to anyone who might want to stop in for a thirst quencher!

It’s important to have a think about what other marketing channels or techniques you could use to encourage the purchase of a drink that can be enjoyed just as much as any other beer, wine or spirit. That’s why we’ve put together three drink marketing hints to get you on track with making those sweet summer sales and bringing vibes to your business without relying on alcohol sales.


Crafting the right social media marketing strategy can be key to bringing attention to your sweet new drink options into the hands of people looking for a delicious and fun way to beat the heat. Start by creating an attention-grabbing visual that features your bottle and mixed drinks front and centre. Then, don’t forget to shake it up – if you have an iced tea blend, show a picture of customers enjoying a chilled peach iced tea over a glass of wine or bottle of beer! 

Posting pictures of how to best enjoy these drinks and sprucing up their presentation, just like a mocktail, will help entice customers and allow them to recognise these zero-alcohol options are just as delicious of a range. The best part is you are not just limited to iced teas either; there are delicious citrus drink options like lemon, lime and bitters, add a wedge of fresh lime and mint to the glass or bottle for socials and presentation. You could even try swinging for something more sophisticated. If you’ve got another soft drink in mind, use imagery of a crisp citrus drink like pink grapefruit or even peach and add a slice of fresh orange to the drinking glass, making it pretty enough to be at any outdoor soiree to capture the audience’s attention.


Introducing something as simple as a free zero-alcohol drink with the purchase of food can be enough to persuade customers to simply choose these kinds of drinks.  If you have a food deal such as two-for-one burgers or fries and wings, why not add a free drink to the mix? 

These small incentives can be enough to get customers through the door and give them an extra incentive to try something new. 


Another valuable promo technique we’ve received from the businesses we supply is to incorporate the sale of one of your drinks into a limited-time deal. Offer customers a two-for-one or discounted price on your non-alcoholic drinks, and make sure to include photos of their favourite brews in the promotions too. 

This will help drive sales and, at the same time, increase people’s awareness that they can opt for an alcohol-free drink without compromising on taste.

By following these tips, you can ensure that people have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a drink, whether they’re looking for something alcohol-free or not. By providing a variety of choices, you’ll be able to appeal to a wider range of consumers and increase your chances of making a sale. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!