330ml SABA Kombucha Raspberry (12)

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Lightly effervescent, Kombucha is made from fermented tea and live cultures. It is rich in amino acids, probiotics, antioxidants, trace minerals and B vitamins. Kombucha builds up the immune system, giving your body what it needs to heal itself by aiding your liver in eliminating toxins, and promoting good bacteria in your digestive system. With regular, daily consumption, you’ll notice improvement in immune system functioning and energy levels.

Parker’s Saba Kombucha is made with filtered rainwater and only the freshest 100% Organic ingredients, grown in Australia. Parker’s has over 14 years of experience in creating pure Organic health drinks. Their Kombucha range delivers to you the best of our skills, produce and flavour, making a highly healthy choice for extra immunity, energy and alkalisation.

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