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500mL Cococoast Lychee Coconut Water (24)



24 x 500mL Cococoast Lychee Coconut Water

Healthy and delicious. All Cococoast’s coconuts come from, aptly named by the locals, “The Land Of The Coconut” In the Mekong Delta region of Southern Vietnam. The ideal growing conditions – rich fertile soils in a tropical environment produce a beautiful young green coconut that naturally sweeter. Cococoast only use young green coconuts as the more mature aged coconut does not maintain high levels of natural sweetness.

The aromatic lychee is sweet, slightly floral with subtle acidic notes. With the delicateness of a rose this pairs beautifully with the coconut water to deliver on a rich and full flavour.

Ingredients: 90% Pure young green coconuts, 10% Pure Lychee Juice

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