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700mL Taste Nirvana Premium Coconut Water (6)



6 x Taste Nirvana Premium Coconut Water 700mL

Glass Bottle (100% Recyclable)

Traveling through Thailand, you’ll find coconut water served at numerous roadside stands by smiling vendors. Growing bigger and sweeter than anywhere else in the world, Taste Nirvana’s PREMIUM coconuts are harvested from Thailand’s famous groves.

Taste Nirvana’s AUTHENTICITY and AWARD WINNING TASTE sets them apart. Sweetly crisp and refreshing-every TASTE NIRVANA offering is always approved by the experienced taste buds from their multi-generational Thai family business. Drink Happiness!

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Water, Coconut Essence, Less Than 1% Fruit Sugar. Contains 90% Juice.

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