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If you’re looking for a dairy-free option, plant-based milk is a great substitute that is made from water and extracted from plants. It has the same creamy consistency as traditional dairy milk products, making it a popular choice for those with lactose intolerance or allergies, vegans, and health-conscious individuals. Less than a decade ago, options on the store shelves were extremely limited if you wanted to look into non-dairy milk to suit your diet.

We offer a wide selection of top-rated dairy alternatives at Kelly’s, including almond, oat, macadamia, coconut, lactose-free, and soy varieties. Brisbane and wider Queensland’s hospitality industry is our most prominent customer base – cafes, restaurants, smoothie shops, and hotels rely on us for their high-quality commercial coffee stations and individual products. 

In today’s blog post, we will walk you through the basics of the best plant-based milk and how to make the switch from cow’s milk. Get a sneak peek into our absolute fave plant-based milk alternative on the market and what uses we recommend the different kinds of milks for.

Whether you’re looking for vegan milk with more protein content, want to lower your contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, or have a dairy allergy, we’ve got you covered. So settle down with your favourite beverage blog on the block while we guide you on the best dairy-free alternatives around!


Let’s face it; plant milk doesn’t really seem similar to the stuff we all remember back in the day. When it comes to selecting the best plant-based milk, it depends on what you’re looking for. The whole purpose of this blog is to show you that there is no one size fits all, and your new favourite plant milk depends on your plant-based options and specific taste!


If you want one closest to cow’s milk, then almond milk is best for you. It has a creamy texture and a mild nutty flavour, making it perfect for baking and everyday use. Another great option is Soy; it’s just as popular because it is naturally high in protein, making it great for smoothies or cereals. Oat milk would be our third alternative milk recommendation; it has the slightest sweetness compared to other milk alternatives. However, it can often be lower in other nutrients like calcium, which can be a severe drawback for those who need to maintain their bone health.


When it comes to selecting the best plant-based milk for you, there are quite a few things to consider, so we’ve made an extensive guide based on our expertise in beverages to help you pick the products that are just right. Check it out below.


100% Plant Milk:

Not Milk and Not Milk 2% are our number one, wholly plant-based alternatives to dairy milk due to their smooth and creamy texture. Despite not including the gluten and allergens that come from nut milk and soy, it remains perfect for cooking, baking, and drinking.

The best part about Not Milk is that it is 100% plant-based, lactose-free, vegan-certified, gluten-free, and packed with essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D & B12. Due to its highly unique formula, Not Milk is a great source of protein due to its use of pea milk. It has a great natural sweetness and is quite low in added sugar as it is derived from sunflower oil.


Soy milk in a glass bottle with soy pods on white wooden background, a healthy drink

Soy milk is one of the most popular non-dairy milk alternatives for its smooth texture and creamy taste. It is commonly used as a substitute for cow’s milk in baking, cereals and lattes.

It also comes with a whole range of health benefits. This milk alternative contains healthy fatty acids, vitamins A & D and minerals such as potassium and iron while also being found to help in lower cholesterol diets. Some of our most popular soy milk brands at Kelly’s are Bonsoy, Alternative Dairy Co., Vitasoy Original, and Café for Baristas.


Almond milk is one of the best plant-based milks around due to its creamy texture and sweet taste. It can be used for anything from cereal, coffee or even smoothies.

Almond milk also comes with various health benefits, such as being lactose-free and having fewer calories than most milk alternatives. Some of our best-selling almond milk brands are Almond Breeze, Milk Lab, Happy Happy Almond Daddy and Alternative Dairy Co.


While this plant milk has a much thinner consistency compared to other non-dairy milks, it won’t end up leaving any weird aftertastes and doesn’t coat the mouth, unlike soy or almond milk.

Oatly is another great oat milk for everyday use due to its smooth texture and light sweetness. Their original oat milk is best used as a base for lattes or smoothies. In contrast, their Barista Edition is best suited for coffee drinks due to its creamy foam. The Chocolate variety can be used to make desserts or hot chocolate. Their Organic range is best for breakfast cereals.

Minor Figures Oat Milk contains high levels of plant-based calcium, dietary fibre and iron. Its neutral flavour is best used for baking, cooking and lattes; it become a rising star in hipster cafe’s around Brisbane.

Califia Farms Oat Milk is best known for its natural sweetness and creamy texture that works best in coffee drinks such as lattes or cappuccinos. Its low-fat content makes it an excellent choice for those looking to cut down on their calorie intake.


Macadamia milk is quickly becoming one of the best plant-based milks on the market due to its versatility and creamy texture. It is also often sourced here in Australia as it’s produced from macadamia nuts that grow in abundance here! It is best used for baking, smoothies and coffee as it has a nutty flavour that does not overpower other flavours it is put in – making it great for lattes or cappuccinos.

We’ve recently begun stocking Macamilk and Milk Lab Macadamia milks. Both of these milks contain a creamy texture with a subtle nutty flavour while also being lactose-free. They remain loaded with calcium and would make a great alternative option or change of pace if looking for an alternative to Oat milk. Please keep in mind that since this product is derived from macadamia nuts, it may not be suitable for those with nut allergies.


Coconut milk is best used in curries and other savoury dishes because it has a subtle coconut flavour and texture. It is also best known for its health benefits, such as being high in healthy fats, low in calories, and lactose-free.

Some of our best-selling coconut milks are Milk Lab, and Coco Quench due to their refreshing flavour and slightly sweet taste, which works far better than other milk substitutes for protein powder shakes!

There are many other milk alternatives and plant milks out there on the market, like hemp milk, nut milk, flax milk, rice milk, pea milk and more! We strongly recommend visiting your local baristas and trying out the varieties. Get in touch with the team at Kelly’s Distributors today. We can help broaden your milk horizons to meet the demands of your adoring customers or family and friends.


Plant-Based Milks Are Growing In Popularity: Why Should You Care